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Photo Processes

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The last thing most artists want to talk about is their process.  However I feel it has a strong impact on the interest and introduction to the growth and understanding of what it is they are looking at.  

I have been very fortunate to learn from a true expert and process historian Mark Osterman at the George Eastman House in Rochester, NY.  The history of photography has become extremely fascinating to me, since I started learning how to make these actual processes.  The fact that history often overlooks the image to me, tells me that we as image makers their is a need to educate through the image not only about the process but our history. This impact adds to the discussion about art and photography and how something is made contributes to the aesthetic of how we feel when looking at an image. 


This drawing that Mark drew very effectively shows how photography grew, and how much there is to learn or express an image with photography. 


mark osterman photo tree_2.jpg

Over the last five years I have returned to George Eastman house four times to learn from Mark and Nick at their public workshops.  The shops I have attended were in this order - 1.                                        2.  Wet & Dry Collodion Negative 3. Negative Retouching and                                            printing        .  

I highly recommend any of their workshops, if you can make it to Rochester.  It's well worth the trip, and Mark and Nick are amazing teachers in a world class facility.  

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