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My name is Eric Baillies. Through my Photo Chemist project, I explore the experience and impact of photographic engagement through
nineteenth-century photographic techniques. My sense of wonder drives my creation of images. My mind and my sense of wonder

continue to grow as creative ideas are executed.


Ansel Adams said, “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” An image’s life grows from how it makes me feel when I create it. Thoughts
and ideas about my images often emerge retrospectively from a presentation or material standpoint, or from a feeling, an object, a

presence felt.

I see photography as a tool of communication and engagement, creating connections to others. I’ve welcomed the commissioned and
collaborative projects I’ve done through the past decade with museums, colleges, businesses and other artists. I continue to seek out
these kinds of engagements and invite inquiries. Contact details are at the end of this page.

All images © Eric Baillies 2013-2023

Robot Nomura Zoomer053 copy.jpg
boxing glove (1).jpg
pehoski purple with baby ginger 20x24 in
dec 9th.jpg
gloves (1).jpg

I welcome commissions and collaborations. Contact details are at the end of this page.

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