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"You don't take a photograph, you make it." - Ansel Adams 

Photo Chemist is a photography project by Eric Baillies whose work examines the experience and impact of engagement through 19th century photographic techniques.  The mind and a sense of wonder continue to grow when ideas begin to form and are executed.  This sense of wonder is what drives the images to be created.  It's life is very much driven from how it makes me feel when made.  Thoughts and ideas can be and are often derived backwards from a presentation or material stand point or are generated from a feeling an object or presence felt.       

All images © Eric Baillies 2013-2018

       If you have a question or are interested in a commission, print or collaboration contact Eric here. 

bean salt print.jpg
boxing glove (1).jpg
pehoski purple with baby ginger 20x24 in
monona terrace (3).jpg
dec 9th.jpg
gloves (1).jpg
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