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MMoCa Gallery night 2013 American Feral Gallery

Twice a year Madison has city wide gallery night put on by MMoCA.

Ever since the closing of Winnebago Studios I have been invited to exhibit at American Feral Gallery located at 2150 East Washington Ave. Known as the building with the mural that says - "Word is Bond."

Co-curators Jason Levy and Jake Furnalf graciously spend countless hours and time organizing the event, which brings 20-25 of some of the best artists in town under one roof.

This year I made a series that dives into a fictional idea about the evolution of technology with AI.

The artist statement read:

The images generated for the show were 100% made by hand spanning captures with collodion and gelatin. The gallery is salon style and this is the orientation on how I had it displayed.

The 20x24" tintype of an antique ticker tape titled "the machine" in the middle signifies the heart or early beginnings of the advancement of technology which works to control human kind. It begins by making man rich and multiplies money through market speculation and manipulation resembling the lumens which multiply quickly over time.

The top robot is the first of its kind and who looks appealing and is carrying a tool, willing and able to fix problems to make things easier for humans.

The robot to the right gives orders to other robots to gain control of the monetary system, locking away the access to human purchasing power, causing chaos, blame and ultimately civil war between man and other robots depicted in the robot to the left split from good and evil robots and humans alike.

The final image depicts their head quarters along with a new form of communication the robots develop to carry out their plans.

All rights reserved. © Eric Baillies 2023

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